Films and the Stories they tell  

What makes a film’s story interesting or exciting? For a new study on films and storytelling, we are looking for participants who want to watch films and report on their experience.

This study has two parts. First, you will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire at home (approximately 30 minutes). Next, you will be invited to our lab  (Grüneburgweg 14, Frankfurt am Main) to watch a selection of short films and report on your experience via computer (approximately 90 minutes). 

You will receive 28 € as compensation after the lab session.

Participant requirements:

  • between 18 and 60 years old
  • speak English fluently (Level C) and ability to understand English language films without subtitles
  • no serious impairments to hearing or vision
  • no neurological diseases
  • either vaccinated against or recovered from the corona-virus (to follow our institute's "2G-rule")

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Information on Data Storage and Study Participation

Your personal data will be handled confidentially, stored exclusively in the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, and not disclosed to any third party. Access to your data will be restricted to a clearly defined group of Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics staff who are responsible for recruiting participants in this study.  You may have your personal data deleted from our study database at any time, thus prohibiting any future use. Simply send an e-mail to with the text “Delete” in the reference line.

Further information on the content, purpose and duration of data storage can be found in the imprint.